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WHY DO I TRAVEL, I tried to persuade my friend to reconsider during the next few weeks, but to no effect. Joe changed his mind, and he changed his mind quickly. 온라인카지노

Our ambitious post-college adventure to Australia was cancelled.

And none of my buddies wanted to be his replacement. If I wanted to travel, I would have to do so on my own.

So, in 2004, I went to Costa Rica by myself. That vacation gave me the travel bug.

That vacation inspired me to travel more, visit Thailand, and quit my job to explore the world.

Joe’s absence was the nicest thing that could have happened to me.

But his refusal to leave was a pattern that had repeated itself over and over. While a few pals have joined me here and there along the route, plans to see friends in far-flung areas don’t always work out.

When it gets down to the wire, “something” always happens and they’re suddenly too busy, change their minds, or can’t afford it.

It’s taught me that if I wait for people to do things for me, I’ll never get anywhere.

There are locations I want to see, people I want to meet, experiences I want to have, and foods I want to sample — and only so much time to do it all.

So I’m not going to wait. I will not allow people to prevent me from achieving my goals.

It can be frightening to travel alone, especially if you’ve never done so before.

Growing old without experiencing everything you want from life, on the other hand, scares me much more.

Stop putting off a trip because you’re waiting for someone to accompany you. Simply leave. Don’t let anyone keep you from achieving your goals.

Trust me, you’ll make plenty of pals along the road, from fellow solo travelers who said, “Screw it, if I don’t go, I’ll never go,” to locals eager to meet new people.

When I travel, I’ve discovered that you’re never alone. I was concerned that if I did not travel with companions, I would be alone. I’d never be able to make friends.

However, you make so many on the road that you have to go out of your way to be alone! You’re always surrounded by others! 카지노사이트

Solo travel gives you complete independence. You wake up and it’s just you — what you want, where you want, and when you want.

You find yourself in that freedom and endless expanse of potential.

You’ve reached your limit in terms of what you enjoy and don’t like. There is no one to pull you in one direction or to override your reasons.

Do you crave sushi? Get some sushi. Do you want to go? Leave. Do you want to try your hand at bungee jumping? Go for it.

It’s sink or swim, and you must learn to survive – who to trust, how to establish friends, and how to navigate alone.

The greatest benefit of solitary travel is personal development.

Every time you leave, you gain a little more independence, confidence, and awareness of your feelings and desires.

Solo travel is not for everyone. Some people return home quickly after leaving, while others cry for weeks before embracing it, and still others embrace it straight away.

But you’ll never know unless you travel alone once. Try it at least once, whether it’s a weekend away, a two-week vacation, or a trip around the world.

Don’t wait for others or put off living your dreams. You could be waiting a long time before someone ultimately says yes.

There’s only now and if you don’t go, you’ll be sorry.

Because if I hadn’t stopped waiting, I’d still be in my cubicle, trying to get Joe to travel to Australia and wondering whether I’d ever get to see the globe. 카지노 블로그

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